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It was only gradually that I realized that I could never "be like everyone else" - which sounds so simple yet a priority both in the field of art, work, or of everyday life, not by deliberate rebellion or marginality, but simply because I want to but can not. Because I'm not configured for it that my "being in the world" is simply atypical (not unique, but offset).

Let me explain. I am in continuous contact with a whirlwind of perceptions, thoughts, and emotions, visual or mental images that, before expressing themselves, need to be clarified internally. I need them to clarify, alone in my studio, either on paper or on canvas, using a pen or a brush, before sharing them with others without betraying my feeling, my perception or idea, without distorting them and making sure they are minimal to understand for others.

Each work, each text is usually preceded by an intense inner work of synthesis of my newer or older lived, overlapping both felt that the discussions I have had, the emotions that crossed me, the vivid memories or diffuse, that knows what else ... I work fast, but it takes me time, is to reach to get to work in the field of art, for all the reasons I just explained. Then I can stop myself and all other areas of daily life become insupportable because parasite seem to come my tracks.

Language, sharing, transmission and communication are important needs for me. However, if transparency, honesty and the search for truth values ??are indisputable in my eyes, in the field of art I do not like to be too explicit. Also the languages ??that suit me they are the best poetry and painting, which do not need to say everything, but just felt.

I love art in all its forms. It is for me a necessary breathing. Theater, singing, dancing, painting, writing, regardless of the medium, regardless of the tool, regardless of the form, everything is good to take to express the melody inside me and give it concrete form. Today, I decided to devote myself entirely to art, by coupling a maximum of my poems with my paintings, and putting them to music.

I gradually understood that art, whatever form it takes, is a breathing which is essential to me as worth living atrophied. But it is also for me a draw. The artist, in my opinion, should not use art as therapy to exorcise his demons or his statements more or less murky soul, at least when it wants to see his work. We should, I think, show that what can bring the beauty and truth to his contemporaries. The artist must try to help raise his fellows a little above the ambient mediocrity, strike a chord that will give everyone, if only fleetingly that, the desire to open his wings.

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