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Ugo Bongarzoni (Viterbo 1969 -  )


Italian self-taught
painter and writer, born in Viterbo on 19/03/1969. In 1987 he graduated from scientific
high school with honor , he studied Electronic Engineering at 'University
"La Sapienza" in Rome.Bank employee, teacher in Caribbean dances,
military service accomplished accompanying blind people. In 1999 his interest
in visual arts grows .The approach to the art of painting is innocent, even if
he has got precise notions of technical design and theory of shadows. His artistic
expression is mainly figurative. He  uses
 techniques of oil / acrylic on canvas /
panel, and in the 'installations', he loves introducing in his art works unusual
objects, found accidentally.
He prefers
the three-dimensional representation. His favorite subjects are landscapes,
roman and greek myths, metaphors, literary subjects, symbolism and oniric
themes.His artistic taste was influenced by important authors in the Italian
and foreign literature such as Dante Alighieri, Alessandro Manzoni, Luigi
Pirandello, William Hope Hodgson, Eric Maria Remarque, Charles Baudelaire,
Edgar Allan Poe, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Dylan Thomas, Nazim Hikmet, Sir
Arthur Conan Doyle, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child and
the profound transcendence of Michelangelo, by the passion of Caravaggio, by
Titian’s love,
 by the impalpable dynamism
 Bernini’s sculptures  but also by Bosch’s grotesque modernity , by
the poetic daintiness
 of Claude Monet, by
Chagall’s dreams, by Vincent Van Gogh’s pulsating visions, by the spirituality
of Lord Leighton.These influences caused in him a deep interest in the art of
painting and his message that leads him to realize artworks very different in
technique and subject, united only by the passion of their creator.In his
paintings he introduces elements perceptible at different levels of analysis.
This particular aspect allows a gradual fruition of the artwork, in accordance
with the philosophy of 'Crypticism' (analytical multilevel progressive), artistic
current conceived by him.
He loves to
hide his signature in all his works, in order to preserve the viewer from any
disturb and in every artworks there's more than one.

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