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In few words:


My Past:
My skills: Network, telecommunication and phone international consultant and engineer since 15 years… Nothing else more to say about my pass… that could interest you indeed…

The present (and the close past):
All I know of what happened is that paintings (often contemporary art) concerned me, asked me, and called out me…
And then, at the end of 2004, came the moment where I needed to express my doubts… So I began painting, I was painting during all insomniac nights, naturally… Naturally cause during all these years I let so much drawings on lesson papers, reports and technical’s schemes. My imaginary was trying to get out of me, but never succeed before…
Now, a kind of distress and a great inexperience for someone who was always looking Art on one side of the mirror, this of the critical and entertain eye or no active one. But nevertheless, I need now to share with anyone through my realisations…
My Painting Work is the expression of my personal asks, expressing them comes with the creation process… I go far from the subject to better come back on it
Each phase to the ending of my creations involves futures actions by the natural way, and the creation act continue between iterations, dichotomies and following of the original subject. This Phase is very powerful and terribly unknowable, she simply exist! That’s the reason why these creating act are so magic….

The Future:
I want to give myself all the possibilities to continue creating paintings… For that, I have my Heart, a powerful imagination, and the need to discover what I can create…And Your critics eyes…

Jérôme Trouvé

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