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Born in Franche-Comté in 1943, Bernard Tournier settles in Côte d’Or in 1969 to work for the CEA (Nuclear Energy Commissionership) for more than 35 years.
In 2003, it’s the heart-breaking moment of retirement, and he leaves, with regrets, the Valducéenne forest, to put down his easel, in his garden or in some Dijon’s gardens.
And then, he starts his New life.
Fortunately for him, in 1982, as he has finished with his studies as an engineer, at the CNAM  Institute (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers), his wife encouraged him to draw and paint again, which he had stopped at 17, to start working.
After lots of still life and floral paintings, he changes his style and starts a new work, to pay homage to writers, painters or musicians.
Slowly but surely, he gets over the lack of inspiration and “La Esmeralda” is created as he discovers Victor Hugo, European… before time.
Then come Berlioz’s “ La damnation de Faust”, Verdi’s “Traviata” and last, Ravel’s “La Carmencita in Sevilla”.
In 2002, he discovers and joins the “Association Bourgogne-Mexico” .
It’s a revelation for Mexicans Diego Rivera  and Frida kahlo, the maestria has transcended her physical pains through her painting with tremendous courage and being under her influence, he makes 3 paintings for the fiftieth anniversary of her death.
The Mexican exhibition did not take place in 2005, as expected, but never mind he will visit Frida’s Blue House later.
And then, he discovers Henri Vincenot through an exhibition. The man is a painter, a writer and sculptor.
This show was organized by B. Tournier’s wife at a palliative care unit “La Mirandière” in Quétigny, with the help of his daughter, Claudine Vincenot.
Seduced by the gigantic work of the “Père La Bourgogne” (Father of Burgundy ) as he was called by Robert Poujade, he loves Vincenot’s attitude : anti-authority, anarchist, a little ecologist, lover of nature and mankind : French, German, Burgundian, Israeli, Jewish, Arab or Muslim.
He knows that, if Henri Vincenot wants, sometimes, to slow down the progress, it’s because he knows that the machine is going to work against ourselves if we are not watchful!.
He decides then, to realise about ten works as a tribute to this enormous humanist for his twentieth death anniversary. Also in all Henri Vincenot’s books there is at least one Woman : “L’Eve de la Rouechotte” in “ Le Pape des Escargots” and “La Fauvette noire” in “Les chevaliers du Chaudron”. The woman is life ; in almost all works of B. Tournier there are flowers and a woman.
In 2004, B. Tournier gets the second price at the annual competition of Plastic Arts, organized by the anglophone journal “Boheme Magazine”. He is a member of the “Maison des Artistes” (The Artists’house) and of the Asoociation “Bourgogne-Mexico”.


1995 :
- Exhibition of French, German and Russian painters at the Institute of Protection and Nuclear Safety at Fontenay aux Roses.(1)
1996 :
- « Printemps des Arts » du pays Losnais (“Spring arts” in Losnais’s country) (1)
- 50 th anniversary of CAMIF (1)
- Nuclear energy Commissionership of Valduc (1)
- First personal exhibition at the head office of “CEA” in Paris (2)
- Arts and colours  of Belleneuve : Dijon Regional council (1)
- Dijon Privat’s library (2)
- “Pavillon du Mexique” guest of honour at the gastronomic fair of Dijon (2)
- Dijon : Regional council of Burgundy. B. Tournier is guest of honour of the Association “Bourgogne-Mexico” and presents about twenty works in tribute to the mythical Mexican painters, Frida Kahlo and Diego River and to the painter, writer, sculptor Henri Vincenot (1)
- Dijon : Clairvaux’s cellar ; exhibition with the Association “Bourgogne Mexico” (1)
 - Exhibition in Tunisia through the invitation of local artists “Plastic Art International Festival Of Mahras –Tunisia (23/07 au 03/08/2006)
 - Exhibition in «  La maison des Amis de Châteauneuf en Auxois : 12/08  -    18/08/2006 
Plans for the future
- Exhibition in Mexico (Tribute to Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera) (2)
- Exhibition in Tunisia  “Plastic Art International Festival Of Mahras –Tunisia (2007)
- Exhibition in Dijon (1) Salon “Art Inter International “Mai 2007
NB   (1) Collective exhibition
       (2) personal exhibition
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