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Toodì’s birth date is july, the 2nd, 1952. Born in Alessandria, Egypt. He represents the 6th generation, perpetuating the continuity, plunging the roots into the holy land of the Pharaons. His forefathers originals from: italian, french, hungary, english, german and czechoslovak, determinated his cosmopolitan vision of living.

The father, Master of arts, will exercise a big influence on the young Toodì, proposing him the art as an expressive element of the future human expression of behaviour and philosofy. At twenty years old he was tried the classical figurative arts. The results did not satisfy him, that began to explore the human behaviour across the physiognomyc study of the eye, who likes to call “radiography of the eye” .

Atypical figure and antisociale, avoids the crowded exhibitions and the excessive contact with the commercial Arts world. around forty years old, he enriched by diversified interpersonal relationship, starting to give at the canvas a new unusual dimension, not worthing perspective, but representative of real volumes, composed by projected material over the pictorial plan. The natural, unavoidable evolution, determine Toodì to elaborate a personal meaning, something like an inevitable tendency to expansion of the Univers/planets/human beings. At that point in time, the simple material on the canvass, does’nt satisfy anymore Toodi, who wants to express a tangible and strong reality. He surpasses the humble dimension of material volume and gives the fabric a tridimensional identity who exploding, expands towards the host environment. At the same time of this innovative expression form who will be called “Expansionism”, Toodì crosses over the borders, the classic shapes and colours proposing thematic collections in monochromy, where the materia comes to be removed from the canvas to create the extreme conceptual images, theory for searching new lived disclosure modality.

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