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Rudy Theunis was born in Rocourt on the 9th of November 1969 followed the teaching of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Liège from 1985 to 1990. After nicknamed by some of his teachers as being "the student surpassing the master", he took his off in the art world and exhibited in three years, in various galleries including the Christie's gallery in the Palais des Congress of Liege, the Collegiate Church, Nivelles or still the first and second International Exhibition
Arts Libramont.

Curious about everything related to art,
He was introduced to oil, as well as pastel, passing by watercolor and charcoal, red chalk and pencil, brush and knife. But beyond these countless techniques, which he prefers to remain pencil, with which he manages to give a real soul in the drawing, and oil that allows him to create and play with colors thus live painting and giving
another dimension. He also likes to indulge,
when the opportunity presents itself, sculpture, burning or to computer graphics

We may say that he has no specific style,
but a language of its own. He does everything, but changes technique each time, thus giving new dimension to his works: the material is succeeds and support varies. The nudes and works Expressionists are sometimes in pencil, sometimes with watercolor on a sheet provided for this purpose, while the surrealists are created in oil, on cotton fabrics. For landscapes, he opted instead for pastel or knife.

It also skirts the middle of printing and creates advertising logos, decorations public places and even sets for the world stage. His adolescent dreams and imagination overflowing the push to create comics affecting all kinds of universes, but lingering
slightly over that of science fiction.

After a long pause during which he founded
a family and raising her children, this talented artist returned to his love and always creates more and better than ever. We can say that it is at his peak. This enrichment of the lives and experiences have forced to turn to the themes of life,
the development and female beauty by appropriating them once again by his technical vision and exceptional.

His passion for music led him also to create his own tracks via the internet. But this that inspires above all, it is the music films that tickle the soul and provide him inspiration to create.

Created this word, Rudy likes to use but also
and especially to the practice. Strong character and passionate it can not simply follow what others have dictated. For him, the only way flourish and there is always the draw deep inside that we really are and to bring out an any manner that this is even causing this need by the is able to move us the most.

Cooking is an art, he loves it. Both furnace at table, but he loves imagined original especially alive and that is what Rudy highlights in his creations. It takes you into a place and Brings up the hidden emotions that lie dormant in you, it takes you by the hand and guides you for a stroll away from the world and people, and he takes you to another world, different but to each missed: HIS WORLD.

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