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After his college studies on litterature and arts, Tejiaji worked first for editors. Then, fate made him work in different worlds : journalism, commercials, then communication. In 2001, he began using his professionnal softawares in different and odd ways, creating his first numerical works of art. As years passed, he developped a set of numerical painting technics of his own.
Tejiaji's works are eclusively "ex nihilo" creations, even those that could, at first sight, look like modified photos. He explains :


"Do not try to find out where is the photo who was the origin of a painting. There is none. Or too many, if you consider things on another point of view. When I find a picture that I feel inspirative,  I first have to digest it.  I take it,  torture it,  stretch it,  tear it apart, extracting exactly what I liked : an eye, a mouth, a breast, a hand, sometimes just a color or a blur. Often, what I get has nothing to do with the original picture : it's rather some kind of monster. I keep my little monster and pet him. (...) When I create a painting, I visit my monsters and select some of them. Then, I make them breed.
At the end of the work, the result is not a sticking, rather some kind of melting of my monsters.  I rarely use a monster for what he was designed for at first : one who was a vulva can become a mouth or an eye; a hand can be a rock or a wall, a leg can become a face...


So, at the question "are those things photos ?" the answer is : yes, because, somewhere in the deep origins of my creations, there are some photographic materials; and no, because those materials are part of my palette, just as talc, chalk, resin and pigments are part of standard painting colors." 

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