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13 years of drawing & painting: pencil, charcoal, gouache, dry pastel, oil, ...

As a self-taught artist, Timothé
Auvray has enjoyed developing his creativity spontaneously, sometimes
symbolically and most often conceptually, since the tender age of 13.

He uses the canvas as a field of
experimentation: he strikes it, prints his hands on it and even blows on the
painting to find textures representative of the world.

In keeping with the styles of
Basquiat, Barthélémy Togo or Cy Twombly, Timothé Auvray draws upon his inner
child to awaken the emotions, memories and impressions of childhood.

Indeed, the need to make the universal
visible is at the heart of his project, in order to connect people with each
other at a time when values ??are increasingly fluctuating.

He conveys space, time and the
present moment through the use of his primary techniques whilst also playing
with colour.

He also shows that our era, despite
the multiplication of its means and tools of communication, is deluding itself
about our ability to communicate with each other, since no one listens to others
anymore and therefore no one  is heard.

The canvas becomes for him a mirror, a space of
limited expression in which he himself is enclosed, just as the mind is a
prisoner of the body.

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