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Jacques SOURTH was born in Pyrenees (France), near the Val d' Aran, in front of Venasque, it is now installed in Camargue, in the edges of ''the pond of gold''. Artist - painter, poster artist, symbolist representational artist, lately introduced Streams in Palavas in the Headlight of Mediterranean Sea its last called collection: « Book of Trips », accompanied with a retrospective of 30 years of painting.

Some dates:

1970/1975: Provided of one D. E. of International Artistic  decorator, it goes through several countries of the south, but especially Italy which becomes its second patria.

1978: It displays Baths in the Congress palace of Evian, acquires an immediate success, its paints leave via the Switzerland, Germany... The ancient manager of Louvre, mister Lévy points it out and offers him to become established in the Villa Médicis in Rome.

Different exhibitions, Vesoul, Macon, Toulouse, Montpellier, Lausanne, Barcelona are in order.


1980: To help new talents, It agrees to take the direction of artists' home in Pyrenees, big home which will become « The loft of the Art of the big South ». The space of Art Shepherd will accept numerous exhibitions, as well as a Lounge of Paints of International Autumn of Painting.

(1980/1995) Regarding  the Space of Art Shepherd: 40 painters display every year, and not less than 2400 pictures will be introduced by season.

In 1994, 82000 visitors will have visited this home of  Art  (source: C.D.T).

Thématiques exhibitions as:

 Artists du Val d' Aran (Spain), Real selection af Art of Barcelona, Santiago Rossiñol in partnership with Sitges (Spain), On Painters of Place  ST Marc (Italy) (Venice) …

The Autumn “salon”, agrees by the Ministry of Culture, is one of the rare of "province" has see itself nomenclaturer in about twenty directories of international Art (Art - Target, Big Palace editions, Aristocracy, Ibèrico 2 thousand Barcelona, etc.).


1981: After Mucha and Chéret, Jacques Sourth sees himself entrusting the realization of the posters of the Holiday of Flowers (Fête des Fleurs de Luchon) for the seaside station of Bagnères de Luchon, going back so to the tradition of “Art nouveau ".

It enters immediatly in  the Museum of  Posters.

1982: He becomes Membre de l' Académie of Macon (for her cultural initiative)

on 1983: It helps in the creation of an operetta on thermal waters in nice epoch, accomplishes decors, for the lyric troops of Suzanne Sorano.

1986 He is also one of the rare French artists to have collaborated with Walt Disney Production, and accepted congratulations from it ,for her poster of Peter pan:

1985: Paris Grand Palais Paris Centre International of Contemporary Art (Guest of honour 1986):

Academical Membre de l' Institut of Paris Membre of the Society of Gens de Lettres Paris (work: Words of Sourth)

1988: Armchair of the Academy of Languedoc Taken out from the work of Art «Jacques Sourth is elected in unanimity and acquires the 49 chair of this Academy °.

1989 “SOURTH the painter of poems » restricted edition numbered

on 1993: Exit of the book « The bar of Espoungue » (comèdie Mediterranean) of which a film adaptation is coming.

1994/2004: Exhibitions in different European cities Barcelona, Lausanne etc  


AUGUST 2008: Exhibition prestige in the church of Cazarilh (31)

Evénement in a site classified of XIV °.


October, 2008: Retrospective 30 years of painting in the Headlight of the Mediterranean Sea.


February 2009: Gallery Frederique Bazille. Town hall of JUVIGNAC (34)



2009: Dukedom of ANDUZE (30)

2010: Palace of the Parliament of ANDORRA

2010: The Roman Villa of the Olivétains of St Bertrand de Comminges (31)

2010: Gallery Julles  Salles NIMES (30)


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