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Born in Brussels, Francis Simon arrives in the Algarve in 1993 where his artistic training as a translator will help him survive. He settled in his studio Casa Branca, near other painters and Portuguese ceramists. He follows the evolution of their work since 1994, but does not paint immediately in a cubist style. His early works are gouache art deco and more naturalistic paintings.

It was only in 2005 that he adopted the Cubist style, with a lot more perspective than his predecessors. It is back to the study of Picasso, Kandinsky, Jackson Pollock, resumed on Cubism at the base, in an orderly fashion. The galloping polyarthritis which erodes forced to abandon his brushes and the idea just made him to paint with robots. The art robotics or roboticart was born.

But back to Kandinsky is done through the cubist concerns that are already in place, such as the treatment of the space between objects.

Through his translator artistic career, he used to the simplification of forms and layouts clearly legible. Under the influence of Portuguese potters, it reintroduced iridescent who return to painting a sensual dimension. Thus, it brings to the roboticart clarity and serenity that allows the public to better understand it.

He remains faithful to the problem of the object in space.

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