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Scenes of everyday life

Origins, training, activities and various experiences allowed me to acquire a critical and sharp look. The approach is to attest to existing functioning, to show by realistic sketches, events sometimes of the everyday life, sometimes anomalies of this deeply unjust, unequal, absurd society, so difficult for many, whose alienations, contradictions and imbalances presage disaster. In the works presented, the test is to allow everyone to hover by few looks on the society, so as to go out of daily scenes of this disorder.
Going beyond conformism, ubiquitous whining and indignation, it is a contribution for a more harmonious world. This is particularly important for the youth, who having taken the train on the move did not choose all that.
How to approach these representations if not through humor, derision or even grotesque ? One way to exaggerate, to caricature real life situations is
to show the true, usually invisible to the eye with the same requirement as the
aesthetics. It is very difficult to present things simply. In 3D it is the form that prevails, the character (s) is (are) represented naked (s) and absence of any ornamentation, surface embellishment. The challenge is to innovate, to bring out of this nothingness, by its contents, its subjects and its lines, powerful and unpublished figures of unexplored ways. A useful art to show values or to designate particularities of the system ! My work does not lead to despair or numbness, but to action, which is why they are optimistic.
Each work is stamped with my logo and has a name in Walloon of the Basse-Sambre, a region downstream of Charleroi in Belgium, in this ancestral language directly from popular Latin, a major element of cultural identity, today completely neglected by globalization.
Freedom is offered to each to interpret the main theme of each piece and, taking a tiny time, to dissect the details, winks often mischievous, evoking secondary realities. An association of a few pieces will reinforce a particular idea.
Usually creations aren’t for oneself. Defender of an art accessible to all, including for the most penniless, I chose the modeling, the molding and the enamelled ceramic work allowing, taking care, to accompany many generations. Each achievement could be available also, in limited edition from 1 to 8, in bronze. I opted for screen printing with regard to graphics. These approaches require, in their technique, the replica of many pieces, but there are never really two items the same : the small variations between the editions are not clumsinesses, they are inherent to the manual processes to reproduce them, underlining thus the personality of each composition.
Here are concrete expressions of discontent, but also hopes. Life paths lead some individuals to share these analyzes and to engage. The opportunity is given here to act, in accordance with their convictions, propagating these ideas by having at their disposal symbolic pieces. But perhaps you would be interested in promoting, spreading some of my work for a wider audience? Tell me if that's the case.

JS del Basse-Sambre

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