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work of Gerard Schleich primarily concerns the valorization of the
natural pigments in the abstract art, in particular by the use of ochres
of the area of Roussillon, small village of Provence in the middle of
Luberon. Ochre, abandoned at the beginning of the 20th century, was the
base of chief-D' rupestral works which go up in high Egypt while passing
by ancient Rome. Creator of the present, Gerard pays homage to noble
materials and this cultural last rich person of the Mediterranean
circumference. The artist creates abstract art, gross, released from any
doctrines. What animates it is a principle of arrangements and
improvisations which rise from meetings of people, of places or of
natural matters inspired by the melting-pot of the cultures which
surrounds us. The painter with brushes, his fingers or objects which it
manufactured, creates intentionally or not realistic or imperceptible
images. It an invitation with the voyage in time, when heat and
appeasing are the qualifiers most appropriate to works of the artist.
The artist by his ideas and his work wishes to take part in the
environmental protection and cultural co-education.

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