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Biography :

I was born in 1937 in Saint-Chamas (Provence). En self, I am the weekly classes for two years from autumn 1984, Editions Atlas The course of painting All techniques are studied. It is finally the oil that will definitely seduce me and to which I remained faithful, although some consider this medium completely obsolete in contemporary art.

The evolution of my painting can be divided into three main periods: The first period is a writing inspired Impressionist masters and Provencal. Born then figurative paintings, landscapes, seascapes, still lifes, etc..

My second period was a reaction to too rigid a painting in which I will interpret the movement. Gradually the line disappears. The refined style. Transparencies appear. The topics deal dancing, bullfighting, sports, nudes barely suggested so. ...

My third period is the continuation of the movement. Not in the animation of the subject, but mainly in the gesture of painting. Everything that was previously figurative disappears to make room for an abstraction that arises naturally under the influence of music.

Therefore, it is guided by the music group pop as Supertamp, Pink Floyd, Genesis, ... which marked me for many years when I was a disc jockey in nightclub, I'm going to drop. With the current strong creative that emerges from these songs, I plan on painting my pictures and my own personal symbols. In the curves, arcs, lines and colors put in diapers, we'll see what needs to be seen; loyalty, justice, light, hope, wheel of time ...

Our challenge to us adults, is to rediscover our own boundless creativity and learn how to see.


12/2008 Edition of a book of art luxury from figurative to the abstract - 144 pages, 77 major works, texts in french and english
ISBN 978-2-9533243-0-3 (See the site of the artist)

Solo Exhibitions

2009 - Gallery Les Amis des Arts - 13100 Aix en Provence
2008 - Gallery L'Art du Temps - 13700 Marignane
2007 - Hotel Sofitel - Airport Marseille-Provence

Collective Exhibitions

2009 - GMAC (Big Market of Contemporary Art) PARIS (Bastille)
2008 - 70th Lounge Regain - 69000 Lyon
Tourist office - Valensole
Gallery L’Art du Temps - 13700 Marignane
36th Exhibition - 68310 Wittelsheim (President of the Jury)
2007 - 2th Art Côté Sud lounge - 13700 Marignane
15th Artistic Olympiads - Sainte-Tulle (Prestigious guest)
5th Art Contemporain lounge - Montpellier
2006 - 19th Transmediterranean festival - Sainte Tulle
--------- 1th Spring lounge - Martigues (President of the Jury)
Art Côté Sud lounge - 13700 Marignane (Prestigious guest and Jury)


Public Collections

2007 - Town hall of Gignac-la-Nerthe    



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