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Cities swarming with life, the characters and the animals to the forms and the merry smiles, of the exotic plants to the multicoloured flowers, the interiors to the design very seventies, the women to the copious and accessible forms… each work is discovered like a puzzle, a formal tangle where the artist plunges us in his inventive and coloured universe.

A table while calling another, Eric Saboureau deploys a rich and varied work, a fitment of ideas where he draws his energy. His very graphic universe is incarnated in all its topics: the city, that it are Western or Eastern, the interiors, the artist and his model, the musicians, and finally the wallpapers as he likes to even define them him. Here the forms are released to occupy all space, the fabric being more finally only the receptacle of a pictorial dynamism which extends well beyond the table. Eric Saboureau has a higher training in Applied arts of textile designer. Of this training, it preserved the pictorial, rhythmic and coloured éxubérance, an immoderate taste for decorative arts with the noble direction of the term, and an acute sense of the occupation of surface, where work very lives and occupies space as far as it brings back to us to it and with its own aesthetic qualities.

All his fabrics are orchestrated in order to collect, shovel-mixes, the fruit of its graphic research, receptacle of its artistic imaginations, an instinctive and automatic painting, where the random one and the chance replaces the composition gradually. This art based on the experimentation and creative freedom grows rich by its formal constraints: this black feature which systematically delimits each color and these small hatchings which while assuming the homogeneity of the unit ensure subtle modelled very as far as they print rhythmic and a subtle vibration with the whole of the table.

Beyond the borders of the graffiti, mural art, free figuration, popular art and rough art, the artist has fun to immerse us in his suggestive graphic universe and his cordial pallet. Welcome in the universe jubilatoire of Eric Saboureau.

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