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I like to consider my hand working on a painting, as an honourable task. I like to consider that when my head is occupied in painting, it is a noble art.


Painting interests me as a fact in itself and I like to see it as an epic story that was born with man, which accompanied and will always accompany man.

From the beginning of time many have sailed with difficulty the immense sea of artistic painting.

As an artist I like to feel its company and for that reason rely on the tradition of our elders and try to translate their old books, their ancient sailing routes and our modern language

Painting as any other being has the right to evolve naturally and for that reason I don’t like it to be amputated. I would prefer not to be without its magic or its brilliant rationality. I am not interested in what is an accessory. I am looking for, in the depths of the path, the eternal myths; the universal archetypes that define us as men and that define me as a painter.

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