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Naghmeh Roomi  

is a freelance painter and decorator who is born in 1968 in the Iranian capital of Teheran. 

As a daughter of a singer's married couple she grew up under the artistic influence of her parents and was already interested as a teenager in artistic activities, above all for the dancing, drawing and learning a Classical-Persian instrument. 

However, strongest they fascinated the varied colours of her drawings which they helped to pull dreaming in another world. Thus she already decided to smash during her early years an artistic career and finished successfully her school education. end at one of the art schools most important at that time of Teheran. 

The fascination in colours which it had discovered quite early in her childhood led to the fact that the art student at that time started to be interested above all in the abstract painting style and colorful spatial arrangement. She specialised in these both aspects and accepted after the study also directly some orders and projects in this level. She issued three times her art in the Internationally Graphic to design Biennial Teheran and won for her exhibition in 1994 the first prize in the category "Illustration". A year later she issued her pictures in the Iranian Internationally Painting to festival in the museum for modern art in Teheran.

With her man and her small daughter she moved in 1995 to Germany. 

While she had concentrated in Iran upon abstract design and space design, an artistic development new for them took place in Germany. Their pictures received an other dimension in the form of relief-like curvature from Pappmaché. This brought them on the idea beside her pictures also to create sculptures in which her strong colour choice as well as the highly imaginative styling are expressed. 
"Roomi" looks herself at her pictures and at sculptures as a picture of imagination pictures which no motives have in the classical sense, but rather the artist forms and colours which develop with the time thinks up. They reflect the imagination of the artist whom every viewer can interpret very individually for himself. Also on her other exhibitions in Hannover and surroundings as well as Dusseldorf these signs are to be recognised. 

Their pictures coming from the subconsciousness originate how she stresses, „from my imagination“. Also the artist describes, that to express her image with paintbrush and colour with the attempt, her pictures mostly own ways go. However, the most important is that the quintessential point of her pictures and sculptures concentrates upon the form and colour.

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