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Marjolein Roeffel - painter, colorist

The Rotterdam-based artist Marjolein Roeffel creates  modern, colorful oil paintings. Her style of painting is enthusiastic, positive and lively. Her subjects tend to be fragile and defenceless; still they were depicted in a way that the other characteristic of fragility is visualised: its beauty and radiation of strength. This contradiction has always been a great source of inspiration to the artist.

Her most recent ‘floral feasts’ look like landscapes. The blow-ups and exaggerations provide them intimacy, sometimes even sensuality. The viewer takes part in the artist’s adventure of Observing. “I pay a tribute to the beautiful theatrical performances that nature offers us, for free. In our society of screens we tend to zap our way through life and overlook nature’s presents. It takes a lot to move people. I wish to express the very concept that affects me: stunning compositions designed by nature and the strength of all that looks defenseless but possesses more fighting spirit than you'd expect.”

Every painting depicts a certain atmosphere or situation. The subjects are like actors. Just like we nowadays live in our complex society: people are expected to play certain roles. And those roles may differ per context. Ratio is everything, and our fantasy - for a kid still vivid and self-evident – nods off. And it is this very fantasy that is un-payable as a source of inspiration…

Marjolein Roeffel obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees at Rotterdam Business School and VU University Amsterdam respectively. She attended various painting- and acting courses and –workshops in which free expression was the main objective. She covered functions in international marketing and in management consultancy. Eventually she transformed her real passion into her profession with a start thru as professional artistic artist.

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