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Rabia Elafdel was born on March,16,1973 in Nador.

For Rabia Elafdel, it is the individual’s record which  forms the  crucible of his plastic thought.  This is also the pivot around which gravitate all the others added elements: wall sections, usage objects and others
Being self-taught, despite a brief passage to ‘E.T.A.P’ of Casablanca, Elafdel conceives the artistic creation as an unending identity quest whose main theme  is the woman.  The artistic work she provides  will be as much of mental projections, each questioned by a trial measure … If the figurative vein takes it on any other tendency, the definition of the forms do not clutter the artist so much , who  reacts especially to the colored effects that  echo  the requirements of his subjectivity.  Thus, the tones that do more to prevail her gait are deliberately hot, pushed sometimes to the obscurity .
This central character , when all is said and done fictitious, so shouted at is at once a psychological entity more than a  social data.  She  is a concealed woman behind attitudes and taken in properly disturbing postures.  Be them of   acrylic  or oil, the artist does not  stop underlining the indecision characters  of confinement and  tension to the point to be able to speak with her  place of a strong expressionist  feeling  lived as an exclusion.   Rabia Elafdel stretched to externalize this situation of rejection , by the spatial bias of a stagecraft and an indicative game of suggestions, while keeping the eye open on the proportions to define and the anatomical constraints to respect.

Rabia Elafdel is a real  artist.  Her language is on the way to assert , promising beautiful harvests.

Abderrahman Benhamza

Art Critic

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