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In my work I become an explorator of a world stamped with memories. The universes created are metaphors that interrogate ours senses, our everyday outlook on life, our relationship with the environment.

My installations are assembled in such a way that the materials and objects surprise and at the same time welcome the spectator into an interactive universe where recognise everything but also reveals that nothing happens as we expect. The world is different to what we believe, or to what we have been taught to believe, referring to « Alice in Wonderland ».


That which holds my attention becomes a stake in the questionning of the physical, a game subjected to the naive point of view, without a prior negativity, without prejudice. This enables me to see with a « New Eye » what is there, it is with this spirit that Ipreserve the child wiyhin me.


In my work, I play the game of reversibility, valorising materials and objects of a previously believed poor quality to extract their wonders, their joy, their laughter, their sonority, their hues, their fragrance…


It’s a « Celebration of Life », « An Utopia » that befriends the onlooker and offers him a new outlook on the world.


I refer to beauty as a conception of poetic order that is born from a confrontation of two entities, often opposites, that collide and stabilize by construction.


Having found a roof, these little « things of nothing » harmonise in space inviting us to take their hand, to share theire innerselves, suggesting a ludic universe, arousing the imagination, the feelings and the sensations.





My artistic reasoning is fonded on a game of (re)discovery and contradiction.



Viviane Rabaud

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