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The culture and the essence of the Arab civilization revolve around writing. The pre Islamic Arab tradition was largely oral, but after the rise of Islam and its universal message, the writing has become an excellent way to convey the revelation. 
The specificity of the writing or calligraphic Arabic to keep my sense of virtuosity than mere scriptural transmission. 
This language offers an unbelievable freedom and plasticity , it allows the most intimate and personal expression of an inner perception, in the layout and form.
Thousands of calligraphers and scribes were given to this art and philosophy of life.

I love to explore and to transcribe the breath flowing through fingers to shape, outline and concept. 
I take this art as a gift, an experience and a call to meditation. For the constant lines game, silences and moments of doubt or introspection produced in me, and on paper forms that I leave home shine.
I do not cease to honor the spirits of Arabic calligraphy that have innovated, invented, created and transmitted masterpieces of humanism, grace and beauty. 
I urge you, therefore, to share with you these few calligraphic works, hoping they give you the same breath of life that inspired their creation. 


The practice of this art allows me, in addition to aesthetic and plastic, the expression of the concept, idea and thought. Art is an expression of consciousness of a present moment that is rooted in a more antiquated thinking. 

It is sometimes taken positions, principles and a call for reflection. For in this world where noise is omnipresent, it must undoubtedly be overcome and silence. Calligraphy can achieve precisely this piece of yourself or silence was sensual and full of meaning. 

- - Artistic approach - - 

Calligraphy is an art that has always fascinated me, because of the nature of the Arabic script. 
Arab & Muslim calligraphers have left us an experience, a pleasure and an unparalleled artistic rigor. 
I like to experiment with different perceptions, sensations in eyes and transcribing in calligraphy. 
My works often reflect a vision, a perception of inner reality. 
Thus, this artistic practice allows me to accomplish in a certain measure of artistic standpoints, and popular culture. 
I started studying classical calligraphy. This study allows me to project myself in different artistic perceptions of the classical calligraphy. 
I can, therefore, more freedom of movement, as Arabic calligraphy offers this plasticity of movement, and sometimes a bid to create.
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