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“The drawing is for me my heart which beats…”


When I was a little girl, my preferred toy was not as most children a headstock but of the pencils and sheets. Already at the 6 years age, I wished to become dessinatrice…


The more the years passed, the more my passion increased, I was interested then in the large painters and particularly the impressionists.


I followed of the studies of secondaries in visual arts, I learned much for this period and silently I progressed more and more. One day, my art teacher says to me that he had never seen a also fast progression, and that I had talent. These encouragements enabled me to advance and never not to give up.


I followed then of the studies superiors in publicity or there I met many of other techniques.


At the end of my studies, I followed of the courses of drawings saturdays, just for the pleasure of sharing my passion with other artists.

I practiced many techniques, one day, I received in gift a box of pastel and without never to have really taken time to discover, I launched out and I carried out my first “true” pastel “Paradise”. Since I do not leave any more this technique…


I particularly draw the animals and recently I have like drank to draw the animals in the process of disappearances to be able to show in the world their beauty, I cannot save them but I plan to share the sum of the sale of my drawings with a protective association of the animals.


I have exposed for one year a little everywhere, at the beginning it is me which am registered to me there and since my last exposure, of people contact me to expose in community.


The drawing is for me my heart which beats, the blood which runs in my veins, the drawing is for me as vital as to breathe, the drawing is for me my passion…

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