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Artist, painter, graphic's designer, stencil's designer and wall painter ; he's art and design objects creator. In his creativ space "Poasson" present a large of kind artistics projects inserted through one thinking about real & imaginary, identity and environnement, share and balance, allegory and poetry.

He developps his picture universe on walls, canvas, papers and steal boards. Plants, rocks and animals, a color's and iconographic's way toward the abstrakt and dream.

A surrealism world constructed with differents sweetened life moments with hallucinatory vision of these moments, which superimpose themselves to show allegory, travel, dream and one return of the natural mystic.

A handmade artwork realised with differents technics, especially spray and stencils drawn and cutted manually. An artwork developped on differents areas like paper, canvas, walls, all formats.

For six years he organize and participate in differents exhibitions in severals galleries, in Paris, like le Lavomatik (Paris 13), la Friche, rue Denoyez (Paris 20), Ateliers Sables d’Arts (Paris 2), Amarrage Gallery, le marché d’Art contemporain de Bastille and inside street-art events like Rehab #2, Festival AVC ou La Miroiterie Ink & Colors, others events are plannified for this year.

He created the Festival AVC, Visuals and contemporary Arts and his artists group. A new concept to distribute the artist's artworks differently than classical's galleries and art fair places, which are too expensive for the artists. The benefit of canvas sells is given at one medical association, it's a humanist way for the future.
He created in this year the first alternativ and solidary gallery in Montreuil to devellop de leitmotiv of the AVC group.

The new gallery of this type is in progress in Marseille.

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