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Biographical notes:  PIANA was born one Christmas Day...  As of its birth, its life will bathe in an eminently artistic atmosphere, his/her Father being Restaurateur of old tables.  Initiate very early with the various pictorial techniques, in particular from the 18 me and 19me centuries, PIANA will attend other workshops in the Montparnasse district in Paris.  In 1961 and 1962, it is mobilized in Algeria from where it will bring back many sketches and a pallet where the shade and the light will play a great role in the evolution of its artistic career.  Until 1970, PIANA restores the old tables.  De1971 at 1979, it is expressed as an advertising illustrator.  In 1979, PIANA decides to more devote qu to its own creation.  The exposures will follow one another in France and abroad, in particular in Paris, in Cannes, in Belgium, in Ajaccio, in Spain, in Japan, etc...  PIANA receives many rewards and first prices, in particular a money medal of the town of Paris and in 1998, the great Price of Prestige European with nomination with the rank of Commander of Star of Europe.  Many newspapers and national magazines made, and still make, the praise of its creation and the many public sales carried out everywhere in France, devotes its talent.  Some Artistic Titles money Medal of the town of Paris - 1st price of Yvelines with Viroflay - Prize winner of the Chamber of Commerce of Versailles
- Diploma with mention with Ypres in Belgium
- Medal of money of the Chamber of Commerce of Paris
- Diploma of finalist at the Great Price of Deauville
- Diploma of finalist, with mention, at the Great Price of painting of the Riviera
- 1st Price at the Great Price of Aquitaine 96
- Great Price of Prestige European 98, with nomination with the rank of Commander, etc...  Press South-western
- the New Republic
- West France
- Magazine < the Art lover >
- the News of Versailles
- the Echo of the Dordogne
- magazine Mode
- Country of Trough
- the Republic of the Center
- the Republican Echo
- the Republican
- Arts Current events Magazine, etc...

Public sales:
VERSAILLES (Masters Machoïr and Bailly)
- DREUX (Main J.C. Granger)
- BLOIS (Main Pushes and Horn)
- NICKEL SILVER (Main A. Audhoui)
- ROUEN (Main of Beaupuis)
- VERNON (Main Lydie Chatain)
- LA FLECHE (M. Y.Manson)
- ALENCON (Main Cord and Biget)
- BERGERAC (Main Biraben), etc...

MUSEE JEAN GABIN in Mériel (Oise)
MUSEE OF the TOBACCO in Bergerac(Dordogne)

Dimension of the painter:  2300 € for a format "15" (65x50), in the "AKOUN" 2014/2015

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