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Michele Petrelli (1973). He was keening about painting from when he
was very young and he graduated from the Lisippo’s Art School in 1991.
He attended the college of architecture in Bari, but after personal
events he changed course of studies and in 1999 he obtained the title of
technical designer. He says about himself: "I am an
enceph in a glass vial. I am a visual-auditory-tactile artist. I do not
despise the material thought wandering in the spirit and in the humour.
Eclectic and visionary artist, he directs his profession in the world of
visual design, CAD modelling and visualization of three-dimensional
photo-realistic of real environments. "My job – he says – let me observe
nature which I love." It is precisely in this area that he is
operating, collaborating with leading architects and interior design
businesses. The last years he has taken part in national and
international competitions. His virtual installation "Attraction"
is  most notable and it was selected among the top thirty finalists of
“Brain project.eu. International Visual Arts "competition. Artists, come
from 55 different nations, were taken in it. In 2007, the work was
published on the event catalogue and shown in Trieste. In the same year 
he took part in  “Pontile Lamezia-New hypothesis
event at Lamezia Terme, with a plan of a tight structure made of steel
and glass and shaped whale skeleton as if it was stranded on the beach.
Michele Petrelli is a wide-ranging artist, whose production is full of
novelty and experimentation. Author of illustrations and comics, he
published the graphic novel "A work of the Devil" and "Kiu".

His painting,
which shows a complex mastery of the subject, is clearly influenced
from the world of  cartoons and computer graphics. He loves strong signs
of the palette knife and the sign of graphite, matching colours of the
same brightness but of different shades and ranges. Expressionist and
impressionist reinterpretations lead artist to an introspective
reflection which will get him to see himself in the psychedelic pop-art.
Despite the
beneficial influences of the past, its maturation will makes him an original creator of an his iconographic language. The design
is dominant and  emerges from his chromatic painting board, becoming
more often the primary importance for the composition. The subjects of
his later paintings are mysterious and disturbing characters, intriguing
and beautiful faces of woman with seductive eyes and innocent smiles,
transfigurations original heroes, deities or characters of the movie.
Among his works, virtual installations and sculptures
innovative, completing and permeating his art. Like a sculptor,
Petrelli models polygons with parametric games of great complexity.
Numbers, brushers and textures are more powerful tools used to build set
where there are hyper ironic characters or Marvel superheroes in the
role of babysitter. His works are exhibited in various galleries in

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