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Born in Granada (Spain) in 1969.

Bachelor on Fine Arts from the University of Granada.

Bachelor on Physical Sciences from UNED.

Doctor University of Granada.




1994    Arahal Cultural Center, Seville.
1995    Galería de Arte Laberinto, Granada.
1996    Galería de Arte Xauen, Granada.
            Economic Society of Friends of the Country, Jaen.
1998    Galería de Arte Xauen, Granada.
1999    Galería de Arte Xauen, Granada.
             Galería de Arte Toisón, Madrid.
2000    Galería de Arte Aljaba, Jaen. 
             Galería de Arte Xauen, Granada.
2001    Galería de Arte Aljaba, Jaen.
             Galería de Arte Xauen, Granada.
             Galería de Arte Toisón, Madrid.
2002    Galería de Arte Xauen, Granada. 
             Galería de Arte Aljaba, Jaen. 
             Galería de Arte Toisón, Madrid. 
2003    Galería de Arte Xauen, Granada. 
2005    Galería de Arte Xauen, Granada. 
2006    Galería de Arte Derenzi, Castellon.
             Galería de Arte Gigarpe, Cartagena (Murcia).
2007    Sala d'Art El Montanyá, Seva (Barcelona).
             Galería de arte Xauen, Granada.


1994    Arte+Sur. Galería de Arte Laberinto, Granada.
1997    Arte+Sur. Galería de Arte Laberinto, Granada.
1998    Galería de Arte Benedito, Málaga.
             Galería de Arte Toisón, Madrid.
1999    Artexpo. Galería de Arte Laberinto, Barcelona.
2000    Artexpo. Galería de Arte Laberinto, Barcelona. 
             Galería de Arte Toisón, Madrid. 
             Galería de Arte Paloma Sanz, Becerril de la Sierra (Madrid)
2001   Galería de Arte Toisón, Madrid. 
2003   Galería de Arte Nova, Malaga.
2005   Galería de Arte Gigarpe, Cartagena (Murcia).
2006   El Claustre Galería d'Art, Girona
2011   Galería Ceferino Navarro, Granada.

2012   Galería Ceferino Navarro, Granada.





"Diccionario de Pintores y Escultores Españoles del Siglo XX", (Vol. 11). Forum Artis, Madrid.
Articles in Press: "El Punto de las Artes" and "Correo del Arte"



Like anyone who is looking at a painting, I like the painting that makes me feel emotions. In the time that I was a landscape painter, I was trying to feel as if I was in those places, feel the tranquility of the people in those villages, its light, colors, aromas, etc..

Lately I've felt more attracted to the emotions that gives me the human figure, especially his face. I have used a large format, for these last pictures, so I want to convey the idea of greatness of human being. On the other hand I attempt to capture an expression serene yet full of energy and a lively look in order to establish a link with the viewer.

Who watches whom? When time stand still, there is space for both.





This is a technique based on acrylic paint, applied with fillings and glazes. Also I use charcoal pencil and chalk oil-pastel, so it is a mixed media. As support I use canvas on frame when the picture is medium or large and table when it is small, both primed with gesso. Finally I apply a coat of bright varnish for acrylic-oil.

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