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painter Paul HELLA

Born on March 26, 1933 in Seraing, close to Liege, Belgium. 
Workshop: 67, rue des liserons , B4100 Seraing. Belgium.

At the primary school, I made small comic strips to amuse my buddies; with the college my caricatures of the professors made laugh…                                                                                          
My first painting goes back to 1951. Various encouragements lead me to carry out an about sixty pastels and oils from 51 to 54: landscapes, natures died, portraits on order according to nature and photograph (in black and white at the time, which did not facilitate the task). Approximately half of this unit is sold. The first tables hereafter go back to this period.

At that time I am student at the Colonial University of Antwerp. During three years I draw (caricatures of Prof and others) and I paint (portraits with the pastel of buddies and their girlfriends) leaving the study to the background. Conclusion… I am mofflĂ©. The Director advises to me to make the Art schools rather.

I choose architecture. This time I do not paint any more, I study and I draw… plans. Because of my studies and then of my occupation of architect, I make a cross on painting during 26 years.

In 1980, at the time of holidays in Italy, I make some caricatures of customers of the hotel and other drawings. The owner of the hotel, art lover and collector, says to me: “Mr Hella, you are an artist, should absolutely start again to you to paint…”. My caricatures framed by its care always decorate the hall of the hotel.

This council gave me a blow of whip… and I recovered to paint. Structure the day… painting the night, the weekend and on holiday. On the whole approximately 280 paintings and pastels more of the drawings. 130 of these tables were sold.

My painting is primarily figurative with a sometimes little surrealism. It is very varied, so much in the subjects, the style, the technique… Indeed, I hate all the time to make the same thing, I like to express in different ways… what besides plait in the majority of the visitors of my exposures.

I always paint in workshop, never according to nature. The majority of the covered subjects are purely imaginary, the others are worked over again according to the inspiration of the moment.

Here a series of paintings… by hoping that you will appreciate some of them.

Good visit.

Personal exposures: Seraing, Liege, Valley-St-lambert, Limal, Antwerp, Profondeville, Verviers, Spa.
Overall exposures: Seraing, Liege, Valley-St-Lambert, Bodegnée, Coxyde, Charleroi, Verviers, Genk, Chaufontaine, Waregem.

In 84, member of “the European Academy of Art” in Charleroi and companion of the “artistic Merit European” with Coxyde.
                                                                                                                                                           Gold medal of the European Academy of Arts in 84. 
Price of the Artistic Control of the French Community, in Seraing in 87.

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