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Art (Art Singulier)
Art brut

from art without cultural references (Dubuffet, Adolf Wölfli, …)

Abstracts with signs

The work as a whole remains abstract but includes (or consists entirely of): where signs become symbols or icons

crossover from simple writing to meaningful symbols (Jean Fautrier…).

structured / unstructured

when a work is "structured" in its "lack of structure", and
vice versa (repetition of forms, signs, matter ... Viallat, Toroni…).


in painting, but also with all other materials with the following
possibilities: unstructured unstructured

free combinations of colour, matter and volumes in a more unstructured fashion
(Alberto Burri, Manolo Millares, ...).


in painting, but also with all other materials with the following
possibilities: Structured structured

any combinations of lines, colours, matter or volumes of a more structured type
(Michail Heizer, Anish Kapoor, Miguel Barceló, ...).


With what body:mind ratio does the artist enter into his work?

Classify from the most "intellectual" (e.g."Concept Art"...)
to the most "physical" (e.g. "Body Art", ...).

Towards the intellectual side/ the essence of
inward looking work chiefly oriented

inner landscapes, emotions, feelings (Arpad Szenes, ...), serenity (Yves
Klein's "Monochromes", ...), equilibrium ("mandalas" of
Augustin Lesage or Adolf Wölfli, ...), memory (Boltenski "boxes",

Tending towards the corporeal / the senses via expression with "humanity" (the passage from Life to Death)

- in a literal manner (John de Andrea, Duane Hanson, Itsvan Sandorfi, ...)

- or a symbolic manner (James Ensor, G. Rouault, F. Gruber, Zoran Music, Rebeca
Stevenson, Jan Vercruysse, ...),

Tending towards the corporeal / the senses the work as the result
of an action

the work as the result of a bodily movement, chiefly a hand movement: from
Jackson Pollock's "Dripping" to Georges Mathieu's "Lyrical
Abstraction", L. Fontana's "perforations" to the flayed figures
of V. Vélickovic.


Does the artist have the deliberate intention to convey a message of any sort
through his work?

(classified from the most "mystical" to the most


Via what is meant with
various spiritual or less marked religious influences

(from Barnett Newman to Mark Rothko, from Roman Opalka to Arnulf Rainer, ...).

Via what is meant in various narrations or symbolisms whatever they may

allegorical, metaphorical (J. Beuys' "materials", ...), analytical
(Mario Merz's "Fibonacci series", or those of Robert Filliou, ...),
critical (from Henri Cueco to Hans Haacke or Guillaume Bijl, ...).

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