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Zubeyde Ozdag

Place of  birth : Adana, Turkey

Nationality: Turkish

Adress:  University of Nigde, Faculty of Education, Department of  fine art , 51200  Nigde, Turkey

Telephone:  Cell  +90 - 05064488018 

Place of Employment:  University of Nigde, Faculty of Education, Department of fine art , 51200  Nigde, Turkey

Professional Interests: Sculpture, painting and design

Educational Background

1991                                       B.SC. in Fine art, Çukurova University,  Faculty of Education,   

                                                Dept. of Fine art, Adana, TURKEY         


1991-1998                              Teacher at various schools of Turkey

Academic  Employment

1998- Present                          Lecturer, University of Nigde, Faculty of Education, Dept. of Fine Arts,  

                                                 Nigde, Turkey.

Academic Activities and exhibitions;

Participation in Local exhibitions;

a.      Exhibition at the Council’s Conference Hall of Ürgüp Göreme, 19-28 December, 2003, Nevsehir;TURKEY.

b.      Exhibition in  fine arts Cultural Galleria (misclenious painting), Dec. 29, 2003- 11 Jan.2004 , Nevsehir, TURKEY.

c.       Exhibition in the cement industrial galleria, 08-18 March, 2004 , Adana,TURKEY.

d.      Individual exhibition at the Sabiha  Sahenk Hall, University of Nigde, 08-18 June, Nigde,TURKEY.

e.       Exhibition held  during the  education symposium , Gazi University, 2005, Ankara, TURKEY

f.       Designer exhibition at the museum of Niğde, (museum week), 18-21 May ,2005, Nigde,TURKEY.

g.      Exhibition in the cement industrial Galleria, (international women’s Day), 08-21 March,2006,  Adana,TURKEY.

h.      Miscellaneous drawing and painting exhibition at the Niğde museum Hall, (museum week) ,2007-  Nigde,TURKEY.

i.        Painting exhibition at the Sabiha  Sahenk  Hall, University of Nigde, (international women’s Day) 08-14 March,2007,  Nigde,TURKEY.

j.        Exhibition at the Cultural Center of Nigde, (Teachers day), 24-25 Nov,2008,Nigde, TURKEY.

k.      Miscellaneous drawings and sculpture exhibition at the Mersin Art center , 2010 , Mersin, TURKEY.

l.        Exhibition at the University of Nevsehir Hall on New rose day, 2011- Ürgüp Göreme, Nevsehir,TURKEY.

Participation in international exhibitions;

2005-  1st  international  art days in Malatya, TURKEY

2007-  2nd international plastic art fair at the ATA TÜRK Cultural Center,Ankara, TURKEY

Courses Tought;

a.       Sculpture

b.      Three dimensional art studies,

c.       painting


Turkish, Arabic,  English

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