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* Painter, whose technique is based specifically on working with 

The sand on the wood, the artist has demonstrated an exceptional heel crowning 

His various exhibitions during his artistic life. Since then she became involved 

1999 she was present in differents collective expositions whenever the opportunity presents itself, and 

Distinguished himself by his ideas and his technique and the difficulty resulting from the requirement 

 In a patient without common measure with our artist always needs to 

 share us the fruit of his great works. 

 His first exhibition was in 2008, with a set of 45 tables, 

The inauguration there was by  the governor of Casablanca Anfa, and the Director 

Regional branch of the Ministry of Culture in Casablanca, "the artist 

Mermaid sand "as nicknamed the journalists was also welcomed 

 by a personal letter of His Majesty King Mohammed six that God 

 glorify Him and in 2009 she exhibited at cultural complex of Anfa and the value of 

its tables varies between 5000.00 and 80000.00 DH. 

* The artist rarely sells his paintings, however, twelve of his works are 

Now in the royal palace. 

"The siren of sand" is also a follower of the school pocto-graph that includes 

The design of the Arabic letter in the landscape of the table; since it is 

Qualigraphiste Arabic senior and this was confirmed by large 

Artists of the Arab world as the teacher "mohamed tossone" 

• The artist is also the subject of newspaper articles written both in Morocco 

elsewhere and which we quote: 

_ Bayane lyawm. (Morocco) 

_ Essabahya. . (Morocco) 

_ Al-Aalam. . (Morocco) 

_Al Maghrib al ard wa the inssane. . (Morocco) electronic journal. 

_Awtar (Tunisia) 

_ Ezzamane (Dalling road.hammersmith, w6 OJB, UK. LONDON 

_ Al Quds Al Arabi (London). 

_ Middle East Online (London) 

_ Sotakhr (Iraq) 

_Revue Baghdad (Iraq) 

Alahdat-Almaghribiya / Morocco / 

- Baghdad .. / iraq /

Biography by

the poet Said Bouatmani

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