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NAME: Claudio Miklos

THE ARTIST: Born on June 26, 1962, at the age of thirteen his passion for painting comes to light. But his work doesn't become solid 'till his late twenties. His spiritual practice, the Zen-Buddhism, gives him some kind of inward perspective, which leads his paintings to a deep and vivid touch of subtlety and ulterior significance.

HOME TOWN: Miklos has born in Niterói, a town near Rio de Janeiro, BRASIL (Brazil). He´s now (2006) living in Rio.

ARTISTIC BACKGROUND: Self-Taught. No academic experiences. Following his own nature, Miklos' art is developed through his strong independent tendencies. But he doesn't deny some influences, such as: Da Vinci, Caravaggio, Velazques, René Magritte, Ivan Freitas, Dalí, Oriental Art.

HIS WORK: Oil paintings of a metaphysical nature, emphasizing the enormous human universe of religious and spiritual symbolisms, as well as sensual and emotional experiences in the perceptive world of the individual being.The most basic tenet of his art is "to break down the rigid distinction and opposition between human rationality and its wonderful metaphysical potential from a visual point-of-view, often neglected, even slighted."

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