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Michael Schmidt tells stories whose beginning and end can
be not always fixed in fixed points on the given format. Since they
make declarations about states, feelings, moods, impressions which
condense in spontaneously sedate lines, lines and line bundles.

Schmidt follows own springs of the inspiration and finds in it in general
human, backgrounds, sometimes obscure. He turns away at one
moment consciously from current art stereotypes to find himself
immediately on it in a picturesque tradition. Schmidt integrates and
processes artistic details and ideas anew. No matter whether it
concerns classical landscape painting or optical mixture whether he
studies Georgia O'Keeffe or derives inspiration towards M.C.Escher. One
finds the free form play just as the graphic directness of the OpArt
and the Informel.

With all variety a little bit completely specific still always seems to
interest in all these creation manners, structures and the special
picture state: the graphic as an essential element of his art.
And more still: the gestural, direct, associative-mental. Darkness
often also finds itself, cryptic and mysterious – one feels reminded
betimes to Goya or in Giger, but without his technical mannerism.
Then again play, irony and weird forms.

Organic structures alternate, draw a space between order and
chaos. The artist puts this over and over again anew in a tension field
and follows his creative intuition, thus as the ideal nearness and
distance would originate only in the activities. He uses the wide-put
field of the possibilities. And he does it, so to speak, exemplarily
without getting stuck in an idea or a technology too long.

Schmidt's pictures try to be no pure effigies of the reality, are rather it
poetically distorted, subjective snapshots of felt reality. To paint
the moment tells at the moment to be, is called in the original sense
to create something new. Thus originate from the first line the forms
which develop from themselves out. It is the rhythm of the pictures
which fascinates.

Klumpp / Parrotta


07/2007: Gemeinschaftsausstellung im Forum Ludwigsburg
"Sinfonie der Sinne"

10/2007: Gemeinschaftsausstellung im RedBlue Center Heilbronn
"Rund ums Leben"

17.04.-07.05.2008: "Künstler für die Menschenrechte",
Verkaufsausstellung zugunsten von Amnesty International im Theater Ulm

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