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Actress with a vocational training, and multidisciplinary Artist, Anabel Gransagne explores multiple facets in the Mask Universe, particularly through the medium of theater and also through various world tours and cultures.
After living more than ten years in the South Pacific , in New Caledonia, and studying at the Art School of Noumea, her work is clearly influenced by the oceanian Spirit and cross-breeding coloured.
Combining essentially natural substances (leather, coco fibres, trees barks, raffia, bones, shells.....) with more contemporary substances like acrylic, synthetic fibres or metal, She creates a peculiar identity to each of her Masks in the same spirit the Actor creates the 'Personage'........

In all the societies so called 'primitive', the Mask is feared and respected for his Power.He helps man in his different quests of life. He has various functions.By turns He is receptacle for invisibles powers, protector, healer, powerfull adornment, festive figure or a simple artistic and esthetic object.He hides men face in order to reveal in the best their deepest nature.....

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