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Born in 1962, Child of restorers of formers films, until the adolescence, I soaked in the intense atmosphere of the cinema which has impressed me profoundly. When I speak, I use many images, references, comparisons. It's my own way to work for a long time, as long I remember.
Now, these strongly felt impressions re-appear and I perceive that I have things to be said. Of those who, for a long time contained have a strength which was growing with the maturity.

 The duality is my favourite subject and I like to play with opposites, I associate dream and reality, inside and outside ....

 Such a black and white film, heads or tails, the opposite hide and show themselves.

The oposite embrace and part, fight or look for themselves but cannot exist the one without the other one. the balance needs two to exist.
My universe is a mixture of contrasts in a stage setting where eyes necessarily have a big importance.

They see and are seen.

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