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Marie of Pilar painted since she was 16. Various rewards marked out her course. Self-taught, she likes Ariège where she has resided for several years. Her painting is a mix of symbolism, humour, research and poetry.

She speaks about the tolerance, the ground, of all that is philosophique. Her attraction for the sky, for the beauty, the ground and space, the colors, all this is present in hers paints

Prices :

Chinon Prix de la Rabelaisie
Thouars Prix du Rotary-Club (Painter less than 35 years old)

Chinon Prix de la Recherche et de l'originalité
Chinon Intronisation à la Confrérie des Entonneurs Rabelaisiens

Castelginest Premier prix de peinture du Conseil Général de la Haute-Garonne

Chinon Prix de la Coterie poétique

Castelginest Second prize of oil painting

Paris Parution dans l'Annuaire de l'Art International

Toulouse Deuxième Prix de Peinture à l'huile au Salon d'Arts et Lettres de France
Prix de l'Ecole Supérieure de Commerce

Saint-Orens Prix de la critique

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