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Maha Idrees is a young Syrian emerging artist born in Homs and currently living in Damascus.    

Though she dropped studying Arabic
literature due to the recent conditions in her country and is resuming her
university studies of law, and though she has graduated with a diploma in oil
painting at Fine Arts school, she adamantly is constantly dedicating her keen
efforts attempting at keeping her long journey in art exploration, discovery
and creativity despite all war calamities and meager sources. Actually practicing
art for her is a source of life and spiritual survival.        

Noteworthy is how Maha Idrees creates
outstanding artworks that approaches masterpieces by great masters with very
humble materials and tools even without having seen these masters’ artworks
previously and without trying to follow any art movement whether classical or
contemporary. Her art emerges from visions that appear in her dreams or from a
life experience hinting on the humanity’s suffering and the women’s struggle
for their true identity throughout the ages. 
Her style is a balanced and subtle mix of Symbolism and Surrealism
combined in harmony with no affectations or deliberate mannerisms. Surprisingly
enough Maha has an innate sense for colours and their magic in a way that coincides
with theories of colours composed by great artists or art critics.   So far Maha Idrees neither can afford having
her own studio nor is interested in participating in vanity art exhibitions,
for she prefers to be contribute original and inspiring art that has a sublime
message which she believes in rather than work mechanically to produce
paintings that only fill in little spaces for a short period of time and later
on stack them at home as if they were raw canvases.

Part of Maha's contribution to visual culture is that she gives 'Opus' as a title to her artworks rather than other descriptions, so that the viewer is not influenced by any description while comprehending the work on his own.    

Maha’s works have drawn the attention of
some well-known critics who personally and voluntarily have suggested writing
critiques about her art. The first inspiring critique written by Egyptian
professor of fine arts Ismail Siam has been published by the web-paper in March 2020.   Maha
Idrees' dream is to join art residencies and travel abroad in order to discover
art scenes and enrich her own experience and create diachronic works of art.   

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