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   Who is Lx?

French-Belgian self-taught artist

I have paint my first painting in the age of 12 years  on a linen sheet which my back grandmother kept affectedly in her cupboard..

I do not paint to please or make "beautiful" but to live my art freely and try to pass on one emotion.

I am a little bit crazy as Picasso and Dali.
Restless as Bernard Buffet.
Lover of the life as Matisse.
Sensitive  as Verlaine..

My first period' 'My madness was abstract, but extravagant and intuitive reserved.
The second cycle in 2 acts The palaces''I' 'II'' Libido'' more temperate and searched .

The current ''Year X''
'Prohibition' is a more momentum built, square, no restrictions, I lay bare my soul without deductions, the finest food to paint it is human nature so fascinating, with its multi-faceted.
My influences are diverse, I have a passion for the east, the human nature so beautiful and colourful and the music which is very complementary of my art.

All these artistic periods are dedicated to Brigitte Fontaine. (Music Site) I recognize myself in these ( Music Areski Belkacem), his books and songs that are my main source of inspiration, she is my muse each moment.

Every work corresponds at a moment of my life, I put it that I am, my soul, my heart, my victories and undo because the emotion does not know how to lie.


I do not like things motionless, flat and even common, I am not a fan of the paints of fields of olive trees or the "dead" natures, but one needs for everything the tastes...

The culture has to be except political context and I fight so that it is opened in the most deprived because the art must be accessible to all.
Believe you not that the life is restrained enough as ca not to allow from, time to time, "to leave"?.

" My red pink are not a mystery but just an enigma "

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