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The city of Charenton honours the promising talent of a local artist.
Plato whose route is atypical, decided to dedicate herself completely
to the painting for four years. After a training of driving force
in plastic arts, she frequents the prices of drawing according to
Gérard Pestarque's alive models.
She continues her training at the workshop Earth and the fire then at the workshop of the Passage.
is going to benefit from a solid learning in techniques drawing, of the
sketch and of The painting by following the prices of studios Pierre
Soulages de Charenton.
Lucie Plato gives evidence of a technical
versatility, mastering the oil and the watercolor today while
experimenting the other mediums such as the sculpture and the
Some of her works are symptomatic of searches favoring bridges between the photography and the painting.
The body is a recurring subject in her work, for which she dedicates a real passion.
She interrogates her subject indefatigably with this faculty appropriate for the big artists to invent a language.
time or the body, the vehicle of the commercials often amounts to
standards in the disinfected presence, Lucie Plato defines the beauty
in the presence of the model, the materialism of her flesh and the
feelings which ensue from it. We could almost speak "about fanaticism
of the body" so much she scrutinizes her model and transposes it with
force and generosity. It is in the stubbornness, the perseverance in
Push away the limits that often are born the big works.
superfluous details or of effects, her painting aims towards a certain
perusal to reach the aim of the subject. The light of nudes
springs from browns and from ochre,
the walnut stain is used with an
extreme sensibility. The subject is made alive by a  gesture,
never mechanical, letting suspect a perpetual collection of reinvention.
As Giacometti models heads, Lucie Plato crunches nudes with the will Of insufler at the same

moment life and energy.
invoice of the artist is the resultant of the acuteness of its
observations, its faculty to get the sensitive signals of the world
which surrounds him.

Frédéric Mette

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