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Luca Bornoffi, born in Mantua in 1980 grew up in the countryside amongst horses. Throughout school he never paid attention in class and instead filled his notebooks with geometrical sketches which were inspired by what he saw beyond the classroom window.
After various sojourns overseas for study and pleasure, he graduated with a degree in Science and Agricultural technology in 2006, even though his genuine passion was and still remains with interior design.
“Ever since school I often found myself sketching abstract images with whatever I could get my hands on…”
His curiosity and desire to discover and observe diversity, as well as a continuous research of his internal equilibrium took him on numerous travels throughout Europe, the United States, Canada and more recently Australia and New Zealand.
Following his graduation and thanks to his extensive  travels he began to think more frequently about striking colours, pushed by the idea that some of these could somehow instil exhilaration, light-heartedness, escapism and well-being…and with all these notions he decides to begin conveying all his concepts on canvas. And it is in this way his artistic journey began, completely instinctive where through his work he tries to express the imperfections of life utilizing colours as the ideological source of serenity and joy, trying to evade turbulent emotion and  moments of internal security and in security, and profound sensations of anxiety which pervade us daily.  The fact to never be at peace with oneself stimulates him to express with colour what he otherwise cannot in other forms; his work seems to speak and narrate how one tries to escape from one’s feelings but never manages completely. Something of the artist himself remains imprisoned in his work, a kind of labyrinth, that seems to lead us closer to the way out with each new work, but instead we discover are still far off.
Luca currently works as an entrepreneur with the family’s agricultural establishment managing agricultural activities while experimenting with and developing new artistic techniques with what he calls, “Farm Painting” – the personalization of the company with various external artworks.

Solo Exhibitions
June – October  2008
“Nothing is perfect, Things Happen for a Reason”, Giallo Zucca Restaurant, Mantua
Group Exhibitions


January – March 2007 “La Pupitre 18”,  Wine Bar, Mantua
July – August 2007  Galleria d’arte Fabrick Art, Mantua
Geometric abstractionism; Mixed technique on paper; minimalism; polychromy


Acrylic on canvas; tempera; acrylic enamel
Favorite color
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