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Born in Taranto (Italy) in 1922, living in Turin (Italy) since 1936. Self-taught painter, as a boy was dedicated to the design. Men from alien exhibitionism has always worked in silence, to satisfy the  interior need, the  great desire to communicate through painting his intimate thoughts and emotions, through several experiences from the first of as romantic until expressionistic images and modern language.
Its continuous evolution in the methodology and in the subjects of his paintings, is therefore closely linked both to his artistic maturity and a fast changing world.
 The representation of figures and landscapes with the use of angular shapes with geometric patterns and strong ‘chiaroscuro’, choice in recent years, does not change his poetry and his telling: these shapes, they approach each other to compose the image, the story.
His art, at some point seem to completely change up to take on aspects of abstract art where the shapes and colours are interwoven in order to enhance their feelings. Through this development and a judicious use of visual language, the artist wants to reach the true meaning and essence of things and succeeds with a surprising ease and with great artistic maturity.
He works in Italy in Turin, Carrara (MS) and Taranto.
He participated in numerous collective and personal exhibitions. Figure artistic, criticism, exhibitions can be seen on its website along with a  widegallery of works

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