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I discovered the Lord of the rings and universe of Tolkien at the age of 10 and it is with greediness that I wasted afterward everything the books of fantasy and with Science fiction which came to hand me. All these fantastic stories which made the little boy dream whom I was are afterward, remained for a long time buried in a corner of my head to reappear more present that never at a moment of my life where I asked the question: what I really want to make besides of my life? I wanted to paint to paint these images been born in my imagination long ago, before they disappear.....

The realism and the detail are for me foundations in the art of Science-Fantasy. The worlds and the fantastic characters whom I imagine owe for me, to have a certain dose of "possible". It I try to represent, is worlds which have a certain coherence in the light, in the characters or the landscapes. Coming rather from the drawing, I found in the acrylic paint a material which harmonized perfectly with my way of working and the depiction which I wished for my paintings. My sources of inspiration are also the photography, which I practise for a long time but also the cinema and its special effects which largely evolved for these last years. I think that these two techniques meet in my paintings at the level of the "centrings" and of the implementation of the various elements.  

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