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Born on 28/03/1957 to Hunedoara ( Rumania)
Location:On 1124 Road of the Patriots Sorel-Tracy Québec J3P 6L9
Phone: 450-742-5808

1994-1999 License in plastic and ornamental arts Academy(Regional education authority) of the visual arts of Cluj-Napoca, Rumania
(Equivalent of Quebec High school diploma in arts completed)
1972-1976 High school diploma in plastic arts and decoratifs Secondary school of Plastic and ornamental Arts of Cluj-Napoca, Rumania
2002-06  Training of painting, Union of the Artists Plastic surgeons Cluj-Zalau-Bistrita, camp of the artists of Colibita, Region Bistrita-Nasaud, Rumania
1998-07 Training of The Academy(Regional education authority) of Visual Arts of Cluj-Napoca, Rumania Adaptation to the art of market Painting of observation, relation landscape and human face(figure)
1997-07 Training of AAV of Cluj-Napoca, Rumania Project of decoration of inspiration " art - decoration "
1996-07 Training of AAV of Cluj-Napoca, Rumania Collection of drawings of fashion inspired by an ancient(former) culture 
1995-07 summer Training of AAV of Cluj-Napoca,


2007-01-14 " The reflections of the nature "-:installations wall, paper oil painting and in the acrylic Gallery Horizon of Sorel Tracy, 35, rue George
2005-11-24 " Watercolors Paris - Enghien Baths " Presented by Caixa Bank de Enghien Baths, 3, Place Maréchal Foch
2005-07-24 " The colors of La Manche " - watercolors City hall of Régnéville on Sea, France
2002-06-01 " Feelings and vibrations " wall and spatial installations, of weaving and paper plaiting and woolen weaving, Museum of the Region of Bistrita-Nasaud, Rumania
1999-07-01 " Carry(Wear) in the crossroads " advertising paper installation personal metal, technical structure Faculty(Power) of Decorative arts, Cluj-Napoca, Rumania
1972 in 1990 Numerous exhibitions(exposures) of painting and drawing under the aegis of House of Culture of Bistrita, Rumania

2006-11 Exhibition(Exposure) of group with Denis La Porte
2006-08-( 4-5 ) " Symposium of the arts on the Horizon " of Sorel-Tracy, organized by the City hall of the city
2005-25-07 The market of art of Conflans St Honorine, France 
2004-04-30 Lounge(Show) of the Spring of " Critical Representation " Paris, Holy Space - Martin, 256, rue du Faubourg Saint Martin Martin Commissaire : Jeanne Toussaint
2003-10-28 Painting and sculpture, Gallery UAP, Bistrita, Rumania
1999-04-06 Three-year of the decorative arts, participant selected player, Cluj-Napoca, Rumania, Gallery UAP, 3, rue Iuliu Maniu/Maniu/ 
1996-05-20 Biennial event of the decorative arts, the participant selected player, Cluj-Napoca, Rumania, Gallery UAP, 3, rue Iuliu Maniu
1975 - 1990 Numerous exhibitions(exposures) organized by the Committee of Culture of the Region of Bistrita-N


1990-2004 Associations of the Autonomous Artists of Cluj-Napoca, Rumania, Member(Limb) of the association
2003-2004 Association of the Artists of Representation Criticizes, Paris Membre of the association
2006 Gallery Horizon of Sorel Tracy, member(limb) 


Council of Culture of the Region of Bistrita-Nasaud, Rumania
The museum the Region of Bistrita-Nasaud, Rumania
 private Collections: Rumania, Germany, France


" Dialog textil ", Bucharest, Rumania (in July, 1997, July, 1998, July, 1999) "
 ProTV " Rumania ( mars1997 ) "
Radio 22 " Bistrita, driving force Miss Ioana Bradea (in June, 2002)
"Mesagerul de Bistrita" (journalist Mr Victor Stir) Catalogs 2004 " Critical Representation " Paris, France
" La Manche " newspaper of Normandy, France (in July, 2005)
" 2 Rives " ,january 2007

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