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Lepolsk MATUSZEWSKI staged his story combining fiction and
"Mirror" tells several paintings in the life of the
artist. These paintings are akin to a bare brain, whose form is the
favorite theme of the painter.
It seeks to translate various moods
in the colors of the earth. This reconciliation with nature is an
essential element of this exhibition.
The materials and techniques
used are the least "unprecedented".

     The mixture of
materials such as sand, gold, sea salt, wax, fragments of volcanic
rock, copper, zinc & clay pigments added to give a very special
works, where moods Cold and warm colors reveal a surprising contrast.

Meanwhile, it conducts research on the artistic image and its ability
to transform the unreal.

A kind of self that presents the
abstract reflections of the different visions of the author on himself.
These creations, however, expressed on the substance and form a
slight esoteric nature.
Lepolsk Matuszewski is nicknamed by the
press: the painter of shadows and lights. These paintings are visual
metaphors that shock the sensitivity of the viewer.

The real
work on the psyche, stirring deep thoughts and a tendency to "repay the
definition of abstract art."
The Art innabstrait "(a term that
defines the work of asylum-art creation, a group of painters) would be
the most appropriate term for this exhibition ... The forms, lines
strong and kept the essential structures of a landscape or object no
longer exist.
Lepolsk Matuszewski freely gives us visions of his
A work contains many and invites the viewer to discover
mechanism is by pictorial reliefs, depending on the investment over the

I try to give a new
dimension to ACTION PAINTING called "
abstraction" by adding new materials. The meeting between the paint and
material ...My vision of art only !   

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