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Born on 03 July 1973 in Metz (FRANCE) , Lepolsk Matuszewski is passionate about the Drawings from the age of 6.
The design is already a passion since 1979, and devotes most of her childhood drawing and painting.
Lepolsk Matuszewski is not self-taught.

It follows a classical curriculum from the first grade until college.
It borrows the path of professional high school, strongly advised by his teachers for an arts school chain.

passion and emotions it conveys, it was investigating the illustration,
creating schools in the commercial art and applied art

Allowed on the entrance exam in the technical high school vocational st-vincent.
Into the world of the picture, he decided to make a school of photography and design studies sound-visual equipment.
To all these different facets of art, the artist adds a few essays to sculpture and the fine arts.

1989, Lepolsk Matuszewski  let themselves be guided by its creator
destiny, and performs a series of auto-biographical drawings that he
titled "goodmen"! The "goodmen" are self-portraits made initially in a school works, but they have played a very important result.

drawings are "hybrid" combining a mix of techniques (inks, pigments and
blood) and materials (usually plastic films used in photogravure,
against bonded and specialty papers for the graphics studio). The colors "hot" are equated with the moods "cold", forms and graphic compositions are beginning to prove

In a spirit of comic's at the beginning !

1990, The thoughts of Lepolsk  MATUSZEWSKI starting to become very
figurative and abstract : in the form of bubbles (comic's), in the work
of the funds, and the colors ... Then, there is a stubborn research
mixtures of pigments and materials necessary for his creations!

A birth ... In 1992 ... "MIRRORS "and  " ASYLUM "   !!!

These works are visual metaphors. She asks the viewer through some icons in our own culture.
Painter working only at night!

The latest art work is called: IGNIS ANIMA!

new theme, strange, a renaissance in a powerful light ...  differents
techniques used, materials are also different and more dark !

Research intellectual and visual remain the same as for the above theme technique, has evolved with the painter!

results we present this new form of artistic vision: innabstract
created by Lepolsk which confirms with this theme IGNIS ANIMA.

Finally, the themes that I am guided me in my artistic process, not
wishing to have no affiliation to a movement of art recognized or
defined, my motto is "psychic intuitive thinking when I paint!"

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