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Leonardo De Amicis Carapucci, begins to paint in 1978, after a experience in the field of the theatre. After the studies to the Artistic school in the architecture section, under the guide of painter G. Montauti, founder of the movement of the "PASTORE BIANCO", it is enrolled and it studies for a year, to the fashionable Academy and custom to Rome (president Rossana Pistolesi - honorary president Susanna Agnelli). During a party organized to the Academy, it comes introduced to the Painter and Director Tommaso Guarino of Milan, than the writing for one show to the Theatre " LA RINGHIERA " of Rome. In the occasion it comes noticed and contacted from one cinematographic house for being inserted in the cast of a film and receives proposed in the field of the fashion. But during those years, its passion is the art of the painting and in particular that, of the schools Tuscany and Veneta of the five hundred. The study of Bronzino and Andrea del Sarto, who evidences itself in the "Woman in red" and in "Julia with the dress of the ' 400" and of the Tiziano, with "Self-portrait with the dress of the ' 500", "Venere and Cupido" and "Marco with the dress of the ' 500", they denote like first jobs derive from the free interpretation of the famous pictures of the cited artists. Its artistic ideal, it pushes to the recovery of the values that they make of the painting, one of the greater expressions of the human abilities. In an age in which the critics and the merchants they continue to impose one simpler painting and from the easy vision, Leonardo De Amicis Carapucci, chooses to develop in one new expression, "the lesson" of the great old masters ". It is one of the "RARE PAINTERS" who have decided to only paint for one selected and refined customers. It is for that a painting to sacred subject is found in Vatican (Cried over the body of Christ), and an other in one church in Abruzzo-Italy (the Climb of Maria to the sky), and its painting has received the appreciation of the king of Spain. The difficulty of the execution renders its artistic production reduced, and long, the times of delivery, but, the high quality of the subjects and the matter, deserve a wait sure that it will not disappoint the expectations of who loves the art. It marks itself in this period the painter experiences technical new in the realization of the paintings, with an elaboration of the lighter color that it gives to the ended job, the result of a "soft painting" without that this creates a limit to the quality of the matter and the choice of the subject.

Florence  ( ITALY )

for the information to write to : leonardodeamiciscarapucci@yahoo.it

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