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I practice the visual arts by diverse ways since twenty years but, increasingly impassioned, I teach from now on part-time for better devoting me to the drawing, painting and the sculpture.


Little by little, I evolve/move in my research task which turns around the body moving or prey to a great expressivity: it acts for me of the childbirth of a gesture or an emotion, legal tender process which tightens the muscles and contracts the features.
I celebrate the body which exult: the heel which strike of the flamenco dancers, the horse which bucks or is rolled in the ochre of the capital… All is pretext to seize the movement, to sublimate the pain, the passion.
Recently, I make also portraits of which I try to collect and to transcend the singularity. I do not feel portraitist for as much: I need to be grabbed by the “mouths” which I visit of the end of my brush. I do nothing but reflect one shock wave. I like to believe that I am a frontier runner of life.


There is always a setting in words subjacent with my work of interpretation. These words accompany to me during the creative process and determine also the state of completion of a drawing or a painting: I must find them at the end. I like poetry and it crosses me very as far as the form: I travel between these two flagrancies.


I thus privilege the mediums which authorizes the spontaneity of the gesture: at the beginning, the Indian ink and pastels dry and lately, the acrylic resin of which I appreciate the plastic potential: I can treat it like watercolour and play of the transparency of water or charge it with all kinds of materials (pigments, barks, papers, fabrics…).
I acknowledge not to be colourist, obnubilated who I am by the force of a feature, the emotion of a run-out, the intrusion of a texture.
But I like the opaque density of the Indian ink and the generosity of ochre which return me to the consistency of the ground.


In parallel, I follow the work of other artists and regularly trains myself with various techniques (training courses of mural fresco, of travel’s notebook, of modelling.) who come to enrich my glance and my sphere of activity. I always feed myself and after each training, the world offer to me new facets.


For the moment, my work of modelling is very traditional and stammering. Formed with pleasure by the artist Eva Aubron in Valllauris, I primarily worked the terra cotta according to alive model while bringing some mystical or fantastic notes to my sculptures. I intend to begin a true research in this field in the months to come.


Some artistic references:
Sculpture: Ousmane Sow, German Richier, Giacometti, arts first,…
Painting: Francis Bacon, Franta, Zao Wou-Ki, Veira da Silva, Georges Hand-barrow, Nicolas de Staël, Henri Michaux,…

Drawing: Ernest Ernest Pinion, Jean-Claude Vignes, Egon Shiele,…

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