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Born in Paris in 1975 where she will stay only a few years, Gwénaêlle knows a happy childhood in the countryside in the Nantes region. During the holidays, she visits historical places and museums both in Brittany and Paris, with her retired former primary-school teacher grandmother. Solitary, she prefers dreaming to playing with other children and will soon attempt to reproduce from memory the pictures that struck her along her journeys.

The life-stories of all these artists inspire and attract her; in the evening her grandmother is used to telling her about the exciting lives of the Fauve and Impressionist painters.

But it is at the Louvre Museum in Paris that she discovers great painters such as Delacroix or Gericault whose huge works stun her.

Later, the sculptors of Antiquity became her models, this is when she realizes it deals more with work than gift and all is possible then.

She will take up Fine Arts studies while improving her knowledge of the different techniques of painting.

But it is definitely sculpture that she feels attracted by, the contact it allows and the ever-changing vision it offers.

The narrow Parisian flat she shares with her friend and their son don’t permit her to actually dedicate herself to that domain. Furthermore, her job doesn’t leave her much spare time. But back into the Nantes region in 2000, she will settle her workshop into the outbuildings of their cottage by the edge of a forest. There plenty of wood can be found and the first sculptures will be made of oak and chestnut. Later on, her meeting with a potter will offer her the opportunity of using his kiln for terracotta pieces and getting clay at a good price.

It is in 2003 that, advised by friends and craftspeople, Gwenaelle will fledge as a professional. 

05/ 2006 :7em  festival international de sculpture sur argile - charente limousine.
avril 2006 : 19eme festival handiclap- Nantes (44).
04/ 2006 : 42eme Salon de Printemps - La Baule (44)
03/ 2006 : Galerie Art et Lumière - Vannes (56) 
03/2006 : 20 eme Salon de peinture et sculpture - Le Loroux Botterreau (44)
12/ 2005
: Exposition au Prieuré Saint Nicolas - Les Sables d'Olonnes (85)
11/ 2005 : Salon d'Automne
Sucé sur Erdre (44)
10/ 2005 : Festival des Arts
Montaigu (85)
09/10 2005 : Exposition
4artistes - Champtoceaux (49).
08/ 2005 : Journée de l'art
Oudon (44)
07/08- 2005 : Exposition personnelle
Saint Michel Chef-Chef (44)
07/ 2005 : Marché d'art
Larmor-Plage (53)
07/ 2005 : Journée de l'art
Guérande (44)
 06/2005 : Festival Montmartre à Clisson
1er prix de modelage - Clisson (44)
06/ 2005 : Exposition Personnelle
Galerie Christalle - Le Cellier (44)
12/ 2004 : Little Boat
Les Sables d'Olonnes (85)
11/ 2004 : 15 eme Exposition Artistique
Teillé (44)
10/ 2004 : 9eme Exposition des Arts 1er prix de sculpture,
Saint mars du Desert (44)
06/ 2004 : Les Rendez-vous de Saint-Loup. ST Loup sur Thouet (79)
06/ 2004 : Festival Montmartres   à Clisson (44)
 3eme prix de modelage.
novembre - 2003
: Salon d'automne 
Sucé sur Erdre (44) 2eme prix du Jury

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