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With a father who was a skilled craftsman in metal and a grandfather who was a cabinet maker, I was at an early age attached to the possibilities of steel and the making of masks and characters.

Some years later and goaded on by drawing and after considering the Academy of Applied Arts in Paris, I decided to turn my attention to industrial draughtsmanship with a view on becoming a model maker in architecture. During three years I was completely enthralled in a whirlpool of various plastics, cardboard, plywood and other materials.

1979 saw things moving when a collector of primitive arts for whom I made socles introduced me to art galleries. Overnight everyone wanted socles and I set up my own business as creator of socles for art objects. I used steel, wood and plastics.

Along with all this, the urge to create drove me to imagine my first luminous steel sculptures. During five years my workshop was to turn out over forty creations measuring from 70 centimetres to two metres. I also created a number of one metre tall characters.

1986 was also a marking year. With an already solid background of draughtsmanship and working with metal I imagined and created prototypes destined to video reception. I was also discovering new technical means using drawing in the projects of building and architecture.

I found myself in a frenzy of discovering more and more and strove to communicate these findings. Life however was to decide otherwise during a certain period.

At this moment of my life I wanted to get closer and closer to what I cherished the most. I got to it in an architect's study when I came up with projects in 2D and 3D and also whilst teaching to students computer assisted conception an drawing.

My first drawings in 3D came out at this period. They were in black and white and were to lead on to what I do today.

This driving force has never left me. What I do today consists in finding the right balance between volume, 3D space, shape and the effects of light.




A good deal of it is based on computer technology. The computer is a functional tool of communication. Its product can be "lifeless",  "artificial" or "cold". With a little imagination though one easily discovers the unimagined facilities it can offer us.

This mere tool is my workmate and together we have thrown ourselves into virtual art.

The idea: My graphic creations.

My tool: Computer technology is my paintbrush, the tool through which my creations see the light of day.

Colours and structures: A research in aesthetics.

Light: The photographer's eye seeking the most striking effect and working towards it.

Effective rendering: The definite form of the work in computer technology.

Support: Printing on photographic paper or fabric of the creation achieved by computer technology.

Result: Virtual sculpture.

Steps: Projecting one's imagination in a 2D or 3D space.

Computer technology is nothing but a tool as the different steps of the creation are the product of my own imagination. I am like a painter who stands in front of his canvas.

The production process of the artistic creation is a slow affair demanding accuracy and precision. The final result can take up to three weeks and its effect is stunning.

All these different angles and approaches give birth to a creation which is steeped in mystery, life and warmth and difficult to imagine at the very first phase of the creation.





Painting Salon "Le Mai des Artistes".  Médan (78)

Painting Salon "Palette".  Chanteloup-les-Vignes (78)

  • First prize awarded by the Conseil Général des Yvelines.



29th Salon des Beaux-Arts.  Andrésy (78)

Galerie ART PRESENT - collective exhibition.  Paris (75)

15th Salon de Mai, plastic arts.  Maisons-Laffite (78)

Salon "Les Talents de Bailly".  Bailly (78)

40th Salon du Vésinet.  Le Vésinet (78)

Galerie GARANCE - collective exhibition.  St Germain en Laye (78)



28th Salon du Val de Viosne.  Osny (95)

28th Salon de l'Amicale des Beaux-Arts.  Andrésy (78)

  • 2nd prize awarded by the jury in the category of other technics.
  • Prize of the Municipality.

Galerie GARANCE - collective exhibition.  St Germain en Laye (78)

14th Salon de Mai, plastic arts.  Maisons-Laffite (78)

Salon "La Fête".  Maurecourt (78)

8th Salon "Le Printemps de Neuville".  Neuville Sur Oise (78)



27th Salon de l'Amicale des Beaux-Arts.  Andrésy (78)

  • 2nd prize awarded by the jury for sculptures and icons.



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