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She is a counter-truth or the contrary, the exception that confirms the rule. Doctor and engineer in maths, rigorous in nature, she has a rare sensibility and sense of harmony in her art. Her works are like her, sharp, hard, effective, sensitive and different.
She paints with energy and sensuality, with a elaborate coloured palette. Her subjects are varied, form landscape to portrait, but they are explored with a generous and sensitive touch.
“I don’t want to limit myself to a theme not to a format” She stresses. “I want to get out of my habits”.
The motif of snow-covered forests emerges frequently snowy under her brushes. She likes harmonies of colours created by shadows and light on the surface of the snow. She can express on the canvas a whole range of mauve, violets, blues and yellows.
The artist paints with oil in several stages in order to continue her work on dry surface. She develops her painting from layer to layer. “Only oil allows this depth, the first jets of paint are diluted with turpentine, then the brush stroke become deeper and denser.
She applies lighter colours impasto, darker colours as a glaze. The freedom of brushstroke and colour do the rest. With her, nothing is by chance and her paintings are like a way to essential.
Self-taught, she is living in the impressionism country Chatou and she has been exhibiting her paintings since 2003

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