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The painting (visionary art)

until Jan-02-2020

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JM LAFITTE (painter and sculptor) was born in Marocco. From his childhood memory, he has taken colors, colors of his arid land, of his sky of multiple contrast and of all the living bangs that inhabit it.
He bilds his pictural universe in a surrealistic expression, simbolic and visionary where uncover a vision aof fantastic comic.
A meticulous touch and a rigorous know-how, the richness of colors, his visionary gift and the power of his imagination gives to his work an intemporal dimension.

Jean Michel LAFITTE, the painter :
"The passion of drawing and painting came to me very early in my childhood. I quickly became aware of that gift i had to reproduce, to draw everything around me. Whith a curious nature, reserved and sensitive, it was easy for me to personalize my creations, to introduce my ideas, feelings, emotion and particulary to develop my imagination.
This imaginary, strangly suported by the child part of me, has become my wrating delicate foot bridge between dream and reality, where simbolic pictures and character evoluate according to the look. My paintings are open windows on the numerous theme that populate my subconscious.
 Never indifferent of the worlds evolution, everything an earth passionate me, sometimes revolt me, but always arouse in me a tremendous desir to create.
In the musical silence of my workshop, some beings wait for the color of my palet to bring them to life."

Jean Michel LAFITTE, the sculptor :
"In the reserved space of his sculptur workshop, the marble blocs seem sleeping.

My look wander on all these stones, until one of them, by his shape, volume or internal color tells me a story.
I just need to eliminate what embarassme to allow all the character to be extract from the material.
I essentially work marble (red from Caunes Minervois, white, green and pink from the Pyrénées) and local stones like aragonite or limestone. My sculptural art is figurative and imaginary."

Before concluding, let me share with you a quotation i like :
" The brightness of imaginary always accompany artistic creation; they belong to the human destiny."

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