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 1er Prix Techniques diverses

Salon International 2011 La Bourboule

Kira creates his works to chart plotter on all media, canvas,
handmade paper
, etc... Exiled and bruised, she invented a world, imaginary universe where the time does not exist any more: terrible Absolute. To paint, it is as to write; it is to deliver a few of one to the others, it also is to provoke an emotion inviting in the sharing of its own reflection, it is finally to engage the Other one in a moment of perversity where The voyeurism becomes a value. Kira, with her digital palette, track of the roads which only she knows, but undertakes us to follow her for, maybe, to discover a moment of our own truth.


This painting is a rising shape of art in which the traditional techniques of the painting are applied by means of digital tools. It is a process of not linear creation, contrary to the traditional painting. Several coats of paint are applied ; the artist has a palette of million colors and creates with the precise movements of the hand or the finger .



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